Manuel Tainha

In the Studio Manuel Tainha, Lisbon

Young Portuguese artist Manuel Tainha studied with Anselm Reyle in Hamburg before returning to Portugal. In his studio above Lisbon's rooftops, Manuel sews together patches of dyed or bleached cloth to create gestural paintings that seem to follow a primary, natural and organic impulse.

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Elina Brotherus

In the Studio Elina Brotherus, Helsinki

Finnish photographer Elina Brotherus deals with her own biography, the landscape genre, and art history in her photographs and films. Great sensitivity, formal mastery, and accomplished perfectionism characterize her visual language. There are many possibilities for the viewer to associate him- or herself with her photographs.

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Daniel Oksenberg

In the Studio Daniel Oksenberg, Tel Aviv

The Israeli art scene is densely populated by established artists, whose work is often a direct response to the tension-fraught reality around them. A young generation of artists aims to take the creative conversation to new, previously uncharted territories: Ones that tell the stories of our times and refuse to be confined solely to the context of the conflict. One such refreshing voice in the contemporary art scene is that of 27-year-old painter Daniel Oksenberg who works in Tel Aviv.

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Franz Wojda

Collector Stories Franz Wojda, Vienna

The Sigrid and Franz Wojda collection is among the most renowned in the German-speaking world and focuses on reductive, conceptual, and analytical Austrian and international contemporary art. We met Franz Wojda in his apartment and asked him about the influence that minimalist art had had on him personally, the beginnings of their collection, and also about his recently published book on collecting contemporary art.

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Nordic Notes

Eija-Liisa Ahtila

Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Helsinki
Most video works by Finnish visual artist Eija-Liisa Ahtila take place on multiple screens, producing different vantage points of a story simultaneously. She intentionally floods or overwhelms the viewer's senses in order to produce a strong emotional impact, abandoning the traditional moving image script.
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Robert La Roche

Robert La Roche, »Samantha«

Jonny Niesche

Jonny Niesche, »Aura Panels«

Manuel Tainha

Manuel Tainha, »PATHWAYS«

Current Exhibition

Manuel Tainha

Manuel Tainha
25 March – 30 April, 2021

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